At the discovery of amphibians in Poça do Vau

At the discovery of amphibians in Poça do Vau

On the night of April 13, PureWest – Portugal Experiences was present at the nocturnal walk dedicated to the observation of amphibians in Poça do Vau, a wetland adjacent to the beautiful Óbidos Lagoon.

The activity was promoted by the Interpretation Center for the Óbidos Lagoon and was attended by 20 participants from different regions of the country.

Poça do Vau, which in ancient times came to connect the localities of Caldas da Rainha and Óbidos, is still today considered a true natural stronghold, with a very rich ecosystem, like no other in the region.

Largely recognized by the vast number of birds that can be seen there, Poça do Vau is also a habitat for a large number of amphibians, one of the most threatened vertebrate groups in the world.

The activity allowed the observation of 12 of the 13 species of amphibians that live in the zone, which associated to the interpretation of the natural heritage, guaranteed high levels of satisfaction to all the participants.

The best time to observe this type of animals is at night, during periods of higher humidity associated with mild temperatures.

This type of ecotourism activity represents an important tool for raising awareness of the importance of preserving this type of habitats, which is fundamental to the survival of resident species.

PureWest – Portugal Experiences, as an agent for tourism promotion in the Western Region of Portugal, has as one of its missions the promotion of this type of activities, aiming at the territory sustainability.

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