Entre Vinhas e Mar – An example of innovative entrepreneurship in Amoreira

Entre Vinhas e Mar – An example of innovative entrepreneurship in Amoreira

In an era where the tourism sector is of paramount importance for the development of the territories, there are several projects of high differentiation, with the capacity to generate higher rates of attractiveness for the regions where they are inserted.

It is in this framework that the Entre Vinhas e Mar agroturismo project is inserted. Located in the Serra da Amoreira (Estrada do Vau nº 7), this property is part of an agricultural heritage belonging to the family Horta Monteiro, with tradition in this sector since generations. With an area of 30 hectares of farm and a history of activity that dates back to the 40’s, it was up to the current owner, Paula Maria da Cunha Monteiro, granddaughter of the original owners of the farm, to requalify part of the space in a housing unit, with focus in agrotourism, as an integral complement of the agricultural activity there.

Inaugurated in 2015, this tourist project materialized in the requalification of the main building, which once served as the headquarters of exploration (being converted into reception, multipurpose room and dining room) and the insertion of 6 housing units in the form of bungalows, also counts on a swimming pool, biological vegetable garden and a space of leisure / relaxation. All the space is prized by the presence of a very characteristic identity, filled with elements that go back to the past of this propriety.

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, there is also a great deal of concern on the part of the promoter in the integration of the region’s human resources in her company, as well as in the promotion of shared offers with other regional entities / companies, in order to enrich and complement their offer , dynamising in a direct way the characteristic economic transversality of the tourist activities.

In short, the Entre Vinhas e o Mar project is one of the good examples of entrepreneurship in the region, which has a differentiating concept and is in line with the current needs of specific market segments, thus having all the strengths to see its strengthened position in the market of the regional tourist offer.

It should also be noted that due to the high merit recognized, the project received community support through the financing of the PRODER program.

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