Ginja of Vila das Rainhas® wins another prize!

Ginja of Vila das Rainhas® wins another prize!


Over the years, Vila das Rainhas®, Ginja of Óbidos has accustomed us all in obtaining several important national and international awards and the year 2020 could not have started better for this brand!

The Vila das Rainhas®, Ginja of Óbidos, was chosen by the Portuguese as the best national Ginja (sour cherry) liquor brand, which led to the victory of the “Five Stars” award of the 2020 edition, repeating the victories of the last years!

This award aims to distinguish the best national brands, in the most diverse areas, and is based on a highly rigorous and complete methodology. The evaluation of the quality of products and services is carried out based on five fundamental criteria that influence consumers purchasing decision, namely: Satisfaction with experimentation, quality-price ratio, purchase intention and/or recommendation and confidence in the brand and innovation.

The evaluation of these five characteristics is carried out by the execution of three tests and complementary studies, divided into three phases: evaluation committee, experimentation tests and mass evaluation through a questionnaire.

The different brands of Ginja liqueur were evaluated in blind tests, by a panel of consumers of this liqueur, where Vila das Rainhas®, Ginja of Óbidos, was superior to other competing brands.

Headquartered in the municipality of Óbidos, more specifically in the village of Amoreia de Óbidos, the company Frutóbidos LDA continues to excel in the panorama of national liqueur drinks, increasingly assuming itself as a benchmark for quality and industrial innovation.

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