By the ways of the Lagoon - 3-5 Days

3 Days

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Óbidos to Serra do Bouro


  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Sports activities

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By the ways of the Lagoon… Following the Arnóia

Óbidos - Arelho


This course highlights the relevance of the Arnoia River, one of the main watercourses of the lagoon, which over the years has been a strong contribution to the settlement and development of populations.

In this itinerary, the visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, almost always with the walls of the Óbidos Castle as a background, embarking on an authentic journey through time, passing by several points of interest, such as:


  • The chapel of St. Andrew in Arelho;
  • Hermitage of Santo Antão, built on top of "Outeiro" overlooking the Obidos Castle;
  • The Óbidos Railway Station;
  • The Monumental Shrine of the Senhor da Pedra (Lord of the Stone);
  • The ruins of the Roman City of Eburobrittium;
  • And the Arnoia River.

By the ways of the Lagoon… on healthy wheels

Óbidos Lagoon - Aldeia dos Pescadores


Along the Óbidos Lagoon there are several natural trails ideal for bike rides.

This suggestion aims to explore spaces and trails with high natural and cultural content.

For this purpose visitors will be able to enjoy the "Várzea da Rainha Ecopista".

The route begins in the beautiful village of Óbidos towards "Poça da Ferraria" where the River Real and Arnoia junction take place. This route will also allow the observation of many different species of amazing birds. In autumn, winter and spring, this activity provides an added interest to all who visit the location of the Óbidos Lagoon on the axis of bird migration routes.

The route that largely runs along the shores of Óbidos Lagoon culminates in the unique and authentic Fisherman's Village! An beautiful architectural that offer to the visitants an "taste" of the local fisherman style of life!

By the ways of the Lagoon… Following in the footprints

Serra do Bouro - Lourinhã


The existence of seas, lagoons and marshy terrain where brackish and sweet waters converge, has always been an attractive factor for animal life.

In fact, the natural heritage of the Óbidos Lagoon is not only reduced to what we can find in the present, but also to the remains of what existed in the past.

Visitors begin their journey in "Jazida do Bouro", which not only has spectacular dinosaur footprints of millions of years, but also important geological landmarks, particularly "Penedo Furado", which as a whole characterizes a territory that differentiates itself, for the extensive and diverse offer of landscapes and timeless testimonies.

The experience that begins in the parish of "Serra do Bouro", municipality of Caldas da Rainha will end in the municipality of Óbidos in "Olhos de Água" beach with unparalleled views of the Berlengas archipelago.