Cycling tours in the west region of Portugal

Experience the best riding trails in the west region of Portugal!


Birdwatching and Photography

If you are a nature lover, don't miss this opportunity to observe and photograph one of the most "elusive" bird species in Portugal!


Birdwatching in Óbidos Lagoon

Adjacent to the beautiful Lagoa de Óbidos, Poça do Vau is a perfect habitat for a vast amount of bird species. The almost constant presence of water zones, filled with undergrowth, creates the ideal conditions for the constant presence of local and migratory birds, some of which are in danger of extinction.

Visit to the Nazaré Canyon

Take your family and friends on a quiet, safe and simultaneously exciting ride with the adrenaline that the legendary Cannon of Nazareth and its secrets can give you

Dolphins Watching

This is a pleasant experience to share with your family and friends, do not miss this opportunity!