Birdwatching and Photography

If you are a nature lover, don't miss this opportunity to observe and photograph one of the most "elusive" bird species in Portugal!

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Portugal is one of the best European destinations for birdwatching!

Wildlife observation is considered the most sustainable activity within all ecotourism products, and birdwatching has seen the greatest growth in recent decades, particularly in more developed countries.

In the West Region, there is a hide for birdwatching strategically located for observing and photographing the Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) species. The hide is located at the hunting grounds of a pair of Eurasian Eagle-Owls, making it possible to regularly observe these birds and their offspring during certain times of the year.

This activity is led by a specialized guide in avifauna and wildlife photography, who will provide interpretation of the natural heritage surrounding the area and offer photography workshops.

If you are a nature enthusiast, do not miss this opportunity to observe and photograph one of Portugal's most elusive bird species!


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The hide is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 people, along with all their equipment. Its large window (1,8m x 0,7m) offers great opportunities to observe the behavior and take pictures of these beautiful birds.

Outside there are several solar LED projectors, which are activated at dusk, and have the minimum intensity necessary for observation and focusing. The photographs are taken with the aid of flashes (1,2,3 or 4) placed outside the hide. The perches are located 12-14m away from the hide, so it is advisable to use lenses between 200-400mm.

The guide will drive you to the location about 1:30h before sunset (according to the time of the year).

The sessions last approximately 3 hours after sunset, and may end a little earlier. Although several species of birds of prey can be seen during the day, it is at dusk and during the night that the Eagle Owl can be observed.

You can purchase:

- 1 session 250€ per person

- 2 sessions 450€ per person

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- Season: All year (requires prior confirmation of bird activity)

- Location: West of Continental Portugal

- Maximum Capacity: 2 photographers

In case the Royal Owl does not show up on the day of the activity, the payment is only 30% or, you can reschedule another date.

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- Use of shelter;

- Transport and guide service from the meeting point;

- Technical advice;

- Administrative permits;

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