FOLIO – International Literary Festival of Óbidos

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Castelo de Óbidos Óbidos, Portugal 2510-089

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The Óbidos International Literature Festival had its first edition in 2015 and has become one of the main events of reference in the field of literature in Portugal. With a diversified program spread over eleven intense days, it is divided into several strategic programming lines: Folio Autores, Folio Educa, Folia, Boemia and Folio Ilustra. Among the various initiatives, we highlight exhibitions, concerts, masterclasses, book launches, literature courses, conferences, seminars, performances, authors' meetings and tables, film cycles, among many other activities.

The Folio is a huge step in the strategy of sustainable and differentiating regional development. It is an event with an ambition and audacity as great as the confidence of all those who invested in the project by assuming this desire to create the best literary festival today.

This festival does not limit literature to the space of books, but creates unlikely relationships of humanization, understanding and community, and makes possible the convergence between the space that literature occupies and the space that is occupied by literature, expanding the conception and possibility of multiply literature and other sectors of economic activity in an exponential relationship, where creativity gives way to innovation.

Óbidos, with its ancient walls, narrow streets and impressive castle in the background, provide the perfect "atmosphere" for this event!

Embrace yourself in the identity and in the authenticity of the FOLIO. Come visit Óbidos and let the books guide you through this beautiful village!

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