Ginja Festival – Amoreira de Óbidos

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Amoreira, Óbidos

The Ginja festival takes place in the village of Amoreira de Óbidos, located just 5 minutes from the beautiful village of Óbidos.

The main objective of the Festival is the promotion of the fruit of ginja, which has strong roots and traditions in the region,  and as a raw material of various regional products, where the famous ginja liqueur stands out.

As in previous editions, there will be no lack of animation during the 3 days of the Festival! The event will feature various musical shows, gastronomic and handicraft displays, visits to the ginga and Frutóbidos factory (brand of the famous Ginja d´Óbidos), different themed workshops, among many other activities!

If you still don´t know the Ginja Festival, do not miss this opportunity and to discover and enjoy the charms of the village of Amoreira, one of the rural references in Óbidos.


No reviews!!