Horseback ride at Quinta dos Salgados (Voucher)

Horseback riding at Quinta dos Salgados, it is ideal for children or people who do not have any horseback riding experience!

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Quinta da Estalagem (Herdade dos Salgados) 2525-556 Peniche

Herdade dos Salgados is located in the city of Peniche and there are several activities available for visitors!

The horses welcome you with enthusiasm and are the most gifted nature guides to take visitors to know the corners of your farm!

The coexistence between Man and Horse has been going on since ancient times, which has made the relationship between them develop naturally today. Horses are docile animals and even people who do not know how to ride a horse do not experience difficulties in interacting with these animals.

The tour around the farm is ideal for children or people who don't have any horseback riding experience. Accompaniment is done by qualified and experienced instructors, giving participants the confidence to enjoy the experience.

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The tour around Quinta dos Salgados takes an average of 30 minutes on a 1.5km long route.
Along the way some exercises are done in order to make the tour more dynamic and pleasant for the participants!

No reviews!!