International Exhibition of Convent Sweets and Liqueurs- Alcobaça

The event returns in 2022!

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Praça 25 de Abril 2460 - 018 ALCOBAÇA

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The city of Alcobaça hosted the first “International Exhibition of Conventual Sweets and Liqueurs” in November 1999. Here you can enjoy the best of Alcobaça's convent recipes, as well as other national and international monasteries, convents and pastries.

The Conventual Confectionery belongs to the heritage and identity of the Monks and Nuns of Cister, lords of the ancient Coutos de Alcobaça who, for about eight centuries in the region, left behind their dedication to land, art and also to the exquisite convent sweets.

Come to Alcobaça to try the sweets present in this International Exhibition of Convent Sweets and Liqueurs.

Do not miss this delicious event!

No reviews!!