Kitesurf – Óbidos Lagoon

Let the wind carry you, free yourself from stress, choose this sport and enjoy the most beautiful natural landscapes of Portugal!

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Avenida do Mar, Foz do Arelho, Portugal

Are you ready to go Kitesurfing in the hidden paradise of Óbidos Lagoon? Let the wind carry you, free yourself from stress, choose this sport and enjoy the most beautiful natural landscapes of Portugal!

Kitesurfing is one of the most exciting water sports in the world and it will bring many years of exhilaration and fun to anyone willing to learn! It is a great way to keep in shape during your holidays, try a new exciting sport and enjoy the stunning coastline.

Kitesurfing is a sport that mixes the best of surfing and kiting. Kitesurfing consists on moving over the water, on a board and pulled by a kite, instead of a sail like in the case of windsurfing.

Try the sun on your skin, the salty spray in your face, the feeling of becoming one with the wind, racing over the water while being surrounded by an impressive nature scenery.

Kitesurfing in Óbidos Laggon is absolutely amazing. To get going, we recommend you to take professional lessons for at least three to five days. We’ve got several courses and pricing packs, from 1 hour to 14 hours. The more hours you take, the more you’ll learn and love kitesurfing.

Kitesurf baptism View more

The kitesurf baptism is a super fun experience for everyone who wants a first-hand try of kitesurfing. During this trial, you will experience the body drag. The body drag is a maneuver where you are being pulled by the kite in the water. Once you feel this pull you will know if kitesurfing is something for you or not.

You’ll get a short theory intro, learn about safety systems, equipment set up, launching and landing. In practice, you’ll learn piloting a small kite on the beach.

You’ll also have some time for practicing with a bigger inflatable kite in the water and feel the power of body dragging.

Private classes View more

Private lessons are ideal for those looking to practice an activity in a more peaceful and safe way.

There are 2 hour classes or you can choose to purchase 6 or 10 hour class packs.

Semi Private Classes View more

The 2-hour semi-private lessons can have two people with 1 kite.

If you want, you can opt for packs of 6 or 10 hours lessons.

Highlights / Datasheet View more

-Classes are taught by instructors certified by ISO (International Organization for Kitesurfing) and the IPDJ
-All equipment is included
-The classes are spoken in Portuguese or English
-The Óbidos Lagoon it´s very safe and shallow, perfect for the learning process
-As long as your body weight is at least 45 kg, no one is too young or old for this activity (we accept students from 14 years old)
-Accident insurance is included
-Food and drinks are not included, feel free to bring your own or grab something at the local restaurant

Recommendations View more

-Bring sunscreen, swimming gear and a towel
-Every kind of watersports are available in the Óbidos Lagoon

Restrictions View more

Activities dependent on weather conditions – the students will be notified as soon as possible

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