Moment for two (Voucher)

A unique and romantic experience, with your hair in the wind and smelling the sea air!

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Quinta da Estalagem (Herdade dos Salgados) 2525-556 Peniche

Can you imagine getting to know some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal with your better half while riding a horse? A unique and romantic experience, with the hair in the wind and the smell of the sea briese, let yourself be involved and enjoy this romantic experience offered by the Eco Salgados!

Feel like you're in a romantic movie and let yourself be carried away by the imagination, enjoy what nature has to offer and let yourself be guided by these fantastic animals!

This activity guarantees the stimulation of all the senses of those who experience it, intensified by the region's scenic attractiveness, the smell of the region's typical sea air and, above all, by the deep communion between the participants and the majestic horses.

If you like different and enriching experiences, take advantage of this voucher and contact us or Eco Salgados.



Eco salgados:

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This beach tour is valid for two people and lasts approximately 2 hours


Photographic and video recordings are included in the tour and, for that reason, there will be stops during the tour, so that it is possible to capture and record moments, so that this experience is recorded beyond memory!


  • Photography – A minimum of 25 edited photos will be delivered;
  • Video – Small 4k Video, includes aerial images;
  • Both video and photos will be delivered online;


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing!

No reviews!!