Óbidos Medieval Fair

The event will return to Óbidos soon!

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Castelo de Óbidos

Return back in time to the medieval ages and experience one the most authentic events that Portugal has to offer! This festival promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting Vila de Óbidos.

All the village and its local community embrace the event with passion, providing an unique atmosphere throughout the narrow streets that lead to the medieval walls and castle.

The main event is located in the Castle background, mainly known as the castle "fence", and here all your senses will be stimulated by the echoing medieval songs, the smell of the ancient traditional food, tournaments on horseback, fights recreation, animation spectacles and much more!

The event program is always very diversified and rich, giving opportunity to actors, jugglers, fire manipulators, and others performance artists to show their craft.

Let the enchant of the Kings and Queens, knights and ladies, nobles and bourgeois, take you trough this amazing journey in the medieval town of Óbidos!

No reviews!!