Riding lessons (voucher)

Would you like to learn to ride a horse?! This is for you!

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Quinta da Estalagem (Herdade dos Salgados) 2525-556 Peniche

Horses are one of nature's most majestic and elegant animals. Despite their imposing size, they are docile animals and are easy to live with humans, given the deep historical connection between humans and this animal.

Horseback riding brings numerous health benefits, in addition to being a relaxing activity, it stimulates the body and mind! This experience is ideal for people who like to be in contact with these beautiful animals and who are looking for a relaxing activity capable of stimulating all the senses!

Would you like to learn to ride a horse?! Then come and enjoy the riding lessons provided by Eco Salgados in the city of the wave capital!!

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Riding helps students stay physically active, develops hand-eye coordination, rhythm and balance which in turn prevents future back problems as well as helping to reduce stress!


Initially, the riding lessons are intended for the student to gain balance while sitting on the horse. As he gains confidence with the animal, he gradually moves from a walk to a trot and finally a gallop.


Riding lessons are also used for the student to learn how to handle and care for the horse!


  • Riding lessons last 30 minutes.
  • You can purchase one or more classes.
  • Riding lessons are given in the City of Peniche, at the Herdade dos Salgados riding arena.

No reviews!!