The Holy Week in Óbidos

Holy Week attracts many people to the town of Óbidos, united by devotion or simply by cultural curiosity and religious tourism!

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The Holy Week in Óbidos, one of the best posters in the village!

Every year, religious and cultural ceremonies attract thousands of people at this time of year to the village of Óbidos. It is recalled that these ceremonies are among the oldest in the country, with the Passos procession having more than 400 years of existence.

Therefore, Holy Week is the highlight of the Óbidos liturgical and cultural calendar, being an important religious event for the local community, as well as for the several thousand pilgrims and tourists who attend the imposing ceremonies. Like other years, there will be several classical music concerts, mainly of religious content, among other cultural activities.




April 1st | Saturday
21h00 | Change of Images
Route: Misericórdia Church - Santa Maria Square - São Tiago Square

April 2 | Palm Sunday
15h00 | Blessing and Palm Sunday Procession
This procession recalls the entrance of Christ, the Lord, into Jerusalem
Route: St. John's Church - St. Mary's Church
15h30 | Palm Mass in the Lord's Passion
In this celebration the Gospel of the Passion of Jesus is heard
Location: St. Mary's Church
17h00 | Procession of the Steps
This procession follows the various moments of the sorrowful journey of Jesus, from Pilate's Praetorium to Calvary.
Route: Santa Maria Church - Largo de São Pedro, Rua Josefa de Óbidos - Meeting Sermon in Largo de Santiago - Ordem Terceira Church - Porta da Vila Pass - Santa Maria Square Pass - Misericórdia Church

April 6 | Maundy Thursday
9:00pm - Vespertine Mass of the Lord's Supper
On this day the Church remembers the Last Supper of Jesus, where the Sacrament of the Eucharist was instituted
Venue: Saint Peter's Church

April 7 | Friday
15:00 | Celebration of the Lord's Passion
At the hour of Jesus' death, His final surrender out of love is remembered: Jesus offers His innocent, pure, and divine life for our salvation.
Location: St. Peter's Church
5:00pm | Stations of the Cross
Beginning: St. James Garden
21h00 | Procession of the Burial of the Lord
By the light of torches, the funeral procession accompanies us to the burial of Jesus
Route: Misericórdia Church - Hospital Street - Porta da Vila - Rua Direita - Santa Maria Square - Santiago Square - Nova Street - Hospital Street - São Pedro Square - São Martinho Chapel

April 8th | Holy Saturday
10:00am | Office of Readings and Lauds
Prayer time from the Psalms
Location: St. Peter's Church
9:00pm | Easter Vigil
In this celebration Christians renew their own Baptism
Location: Saint Peter's Church

April 9 |Easter Sunday
Easter Day Mass
11h00 | Church of San Pedro
18h00 | Sanctuary of Senhor da Pedra

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