Terms And Conditions

This point we present the terms and conditions of use / purchase of the products and services promoted by PureWest – Portugal Experiences.


Change to Terms and Conditions policy. PureWest – Portugal Experiences reserves the right to change the different points inherent to its Terms and Conditions policy. If PureWest changes it, we will post the change on the PureWest Platform or inform you of the change via email.


PureWest Portugal Experiences intends to position itself as a portal of reference for the tourist promotion of the region of Western Portugal.

PureWest sees in the values ​​of sustainability and social responsibility elements that are preponderant to the development of its promotional offer, so that all the products and services promoted in the PureWest platform stand for the presence of these same values.

Privileging the promotion of a kind of experiential tourism aimed at the interaction of visitors with local communities, PureWest has as part of its mission to reduce the cultural barriers between the different cultures that visit our region.

They will not discriminate any type of visitors, regardless of their origin or culture. Bias, prejudice, racism and hatred have no place on our platform or in our community. Although the entities promoted by our platform are covered by the legal obligation of non-discrimination of any kind, PureWest undertakes to closely monitor the activities provided by our partners in order to ensure that all previously presented values ​​are duly complied with.

The presence of a shared inclusive environment aims to create an open and positive “atmosphere” for all members of our platform.


Entities promoted on the platform of PureWest -Portugal Experiences cannot at any time:

  • Refuse to provide a service based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status;
  • Change their conditions of service based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status;
  • Promote any measure aimed at the discrimination and / or preference of clients based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or marital status;
  • To refuse a client based on any real or apparent incapacity, provided they have the conditions to adequate provision of the service;
  • Promote any measure or make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any guest because of any disability;
  • Prohibit or limit the use of mobility devices;
  • Charge a premium / rate to clients with any type of disability.


Entities promoted on the platform of PureWest -Portugal Experiences can:

  • Except as set forth above, entities promoted by PureWest may decline to provide their services based on factors not prohibited by law. For example, except in cases prohibited by law, PureWest partners may refuse guests with pets or smokers.


In situations of refusal to provide services where, for reasons of major force that do not relate to the assumptions previously identified in the obligations of our partners, must be duly justified in order to promote an atmosphere of transparency in the offer promoted by PureWest – Portugal Experiences.


In situations where any of our entities promoted in the PureWest – Portugal Experiences platform materialize actions, regardless of their typology, that are not in accordance with our policy of non-discrimination will be notified in order to modify these same elements. If it is denoted the non-modification of its policy and its underlying principles, these entities will be removed from our promotional platform, thus leaving any kind of cooperative relationship between entities.


In order to access the payment services provided by the PureWest – Portugal Experiences platform, you must have an account registered in the platform.

PureWest – Portugal Experiences offers different methods of payment for your services:

  • Bank transfer;
  • From credit or debit card (managed by the Stripe platform);
  • From the Paypal platform.

Conditions for booking the products / services

If there is an intention to purchase a product or service promoted by PureWest- Portugal Experiences, the customer shall express that intention by reserving the respective product or service through the functionalities available for that purpose in the platform.

At the time of booking, the customer will have to fill in specific fields of information, such as:

  • Name of the holder of the reservation;
  • Number of people (adults and children);
  • Check-in and check-out date in case of reservation of accommodation units;
  • Reserve for the event of the tourist animation activities;
  • Electronic contact and telephone number of the reservation holder;
  • Information about the payment method you want.

After the pre-booking, PureWest – Portugal Experiences will have 24 hours to confirm to its customers the availability of all products and services for the dates pre-booked.

Within 24 hours PureWest will contact the reservation holder, confirming or not, the availability of the products / services required for the desired dates.


For situations in which the client intends to proceed with the reservation, he / she must pay the total value of the reserved products / services.

PureWest – Portugal Experiences has a strict cancellation policy. Thus, the percentage of the returned amount will vary upon the advance of the cancellation of the reservation:

  • 90% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded if the cancellation occurs 3 months in advance of the date projected for the reservation of the products / services;
  • 50% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded if the cancellation occurs 1 month in advance of the date projected for the reservation of the products / services;
  • 10% of the amount of the reservation will be refunded if the cancellation occurs less than 1 month in advance of the date projected for the reservation of the products / services;


We will take the necessary steps to rectify any payment processing errors we are aware of. These measures may include crediting or debiting (as applicable) the same Method of Refund or Payment Method used in the refund or payment initially made to the User or by the User, so that he either receive or pay the correct amount.


A “Travel Setback” means any of the following:

(a) The Host (i) cancels a reservation shortly before the scheduled start to the same; or (ii) does not provide the guest with the reasonable possibility of accessing the Lodge (eg does not provide the keys and / or a security code).

(b) The description of the promotional page or the representation of the accommodation / activity of tourist animation does not correspond to the existing reality, with regard to:

  • The size of the accommodation (eg number and size of the room, bathroom and / or kitchen or other divisions);
  • The fact that the accommodation reservation covers a whole house, a private or shared room and another person, including the host, stays in the Accommodation during the reservation;
  • Special offers of courtesy or features indicated in the advertisement that are not provided or do not work, such as terraces, swimming pools, hot tubs, bathrooms (toilet / shower / bath), kitchen (dishwasher / appliances) and electrical, heating or air conditioning systems; or
  • Physical location of the accommodation (proximity).

(c) at the beginning of the Guest’s reservation, the Accommodation: (i) is generally not cleaned and sanitized; (ii) presents safety or health hazards which, in the opinion of PureWest – Portugal Experiences, it would be reasonable to admit that they could jeopardize the guest’s stay in accommodation; (iii) there is no clean linen and bath towels available for guest use; or (iv) have insects or pets not disclosed in the Announcement.


If you are a Guest and suffer a Travel Setback, we accept, at our discretion, either: (i) reimburse you for the amount you paid through the PureWest Platform – Portugal Experiences (“Total Fees”) depending of the nature of the Travel Setback suffered; or (ii) make reasonable efforts to find and reserve another accommodation unit for any other unused nights on your reservation that is reasonably similar to the one described in your original reservation in terms of size, quality. All PureWest – Portugal Experiences ‘decisions regarding the Guest Reimbursement Policy, including without binding restriction the value of any reimbursement and the comparability of alternative Accommodations will, at PureWest’ s discretion, be final and binding on the Guest and Host.


Compensation claim relating to a Travel Setback and receive benefits in respect of your reservation, you must meet the following conditions:

(a) It should be the customer who booked the product / service;

(b) You must inform us of the Travel Settlement in writing or by telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) on the Accommodation and / or tourist activity (s), the circumstances of the Travel Settlement, within 24 hours of the last of the following situations: (i) the beginning of your reservation; or (ii) the moment you become aware of the Travel Settlement – and you must respond to any requests we may direct you to obtain additional information or collaboration in Travel Settlement;

(c) The user shall not be directly or indirectly the origin of the Travel Settlement (through its action, omission or negligence); and

(d) Unless PureWest – Portugal Experiences informs you that Travel Setback cannot be remedied, you should make reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances of the Travel Settlement with the host accommodation unit and / or service provider of tourist animation, before submitting a claim for compensation for a Travel Setback.


PureWest – Portugal Experiences has in its platform the promotion of a vast set of products and services, of three great scopes:

  • Promotion of accommodation units;
  • Promotion of restaurants units;
  • Promotion of tourism activities.

As a promotional entity, PureWest – Portugal Experiences only promotes entities that show that they have the legal requirements necessary for the proper development of their activities.

Any incident that may occur during the usufruct of the products / services promoted in the platform, when provided by third parties, will be the responsibility of the entity providing the service.